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Currently studying in Taylor's Lakeside
Before this was studying in INTI SJ

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Everything Worth Wanting~
A new car Sort Of Achieved!
To be a millionaire at a young age
A new ring ACHIEVED written with the name JOE
To be successful
Loose many kg's!


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As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . .
I will always keep falling in love with you.
Karen Clodfelder-
Thursday, May 31, 2012 2:09 AM

Blogging again after a long pause! Wow, it has only been a few months i left but there are so many new changes in blogspot already. Good changes i s'ppose! Just like my life.

You know, stepping out of University Life is a big stage in life?
Now you look back at everything you've done in this 4 years
you realize you've grown up so much..
The changes are so huge but it has already been embedded in ourselves we hardly even notice
The fast pace life we are used to having
now all slow-ed down (or rather back to regular)
you will sit and think...
think about what you have achieved throughout

I look back with a great smile.
That is indefinite =)
I can't say in this 4 years of uni life I've enjoyed it haha simply because going through a degree is not easy!
Especially the one with Honours in Accounting & Finance (if i've had a choice all over i'll do another course!!)
Okay just joking,
although the degree was freaking tough but sincerely i learnt a lot of things from there.
Alot Alot of things..

In this 4 years from a girl superbly bimbo, naive and with extreme stupidity
I learnt what the real world was like,
I learnt how to work with people,
how to communicate with others
I've sat in the office, I've done sales, I've tutored

I've basically covered a lot of aspects of jobs during my summer holidays, simply because i was craving for money!! LOL
But nonetheless all the experiences were great stepping stones for me

Sigh, i feel old at age 21!! because soon i'll be out to the working world typical 5-6 huh?
Now i know why people choose to take longer courses because they are reluctant to work... but i choose a different path ( i choose to be as fast as possible )
Not regretting definitely
Getting a degree at this age, it should be something to be proud of !
Ah ( that is if i passed all my papers! haha )

Being Old is scary, being at this stage of life it scares you off even worst.
Trying to overcome this odd feeling everyday
the "i finished my degree" feeling...

At the mean time, taking this few weeks off to enjoy with my boy is absolutely amazing
Spending time with him, it is always like time flies
We'd relax on bed reading, watching movies
having family outings
busy planning holidays
doing errands together
(all the things we yearn to do during exam but restricted)

Those days we've kept dreaming off finally here!

You know, as i thought back,
I sometimes asked myself what if i made a different decision the last time?
Like what the boy always says, eh look if you asked me to wait until we've graduated we've only just starting to hold hands, smooch and doing the couple's beginners manual.
Well, we are already at the advanced manual now eh?

Or what if i choose a different person completely?
what would life be like now.
I guess i've already choose to be back being single again
because really in my past relationship (it was as good as nothing)
It has a controlled timing and only available in the weekends
not forgetting times where he spends with his sports
and over-the-sea without me =)
or parts like
which i till now thinks it is completely dumb and stupid
if you're happy in a relationship ( there's no way you'd want to get drunk )
the feeling of being drunk sucked anyway!
You would pick me over sports! there is nothing more important than a life partner
unless you've never thought of me as one. ( which is exactly the point )
He always says otherwise though ( but saying without action = better right don't say it! )
& going overseas all the time spending all his money on sports, while spending time & money on me is wasting ( you see where was this heading )
before i met (my boy-current bf) i've already knew you never treat me as someone important though you say it, because action speaks louder than words.
I should have never even started with you,
if it wasn't because of your pestering
You choose me just because I look pretty
I knew, but i thought you could be better than that.
But as a young and naive girl i choose who i thought was the best
i looked for Tall, Smart, Okay-Looking
as when I was younger I've always thought handsome guys are never faithful.

Okay, Joe proved me all wrong.
he is not tall at all
not THAT smart (only very street smart) his mouth is so sweet that you'll have diabetes talking with him -_-"
He is fuckin good looking! haha
From the point i saw him
I was immediately attracted ( though i was attached that time)
i guess no one knew this truth?
I totally loved his handsome face
always secretly wished he was mine...
But there was always this problem as he keeps getting closer with me and i have some kinda feeling he'll be courting me ( even before it happened )

Likely enough.
He was as BOLD as hell
I got scared !
haha imagined suddenly appearing at your work place with (leung cha) and well enough expressed his love towards you. ( he was wearing so freaking handsome summore)
Long sleeves-jeans-shoes-with his never fall down hair!

Fairy-tale much?
This idiot made me cry so much
I thought i should hate him
but my heart twitches so badly everytime i see him
Just like body-brain with different thoughts.
You were jealous as hell during the airport pick-up
but somehow, i still like you

I love your scent :)
It is something sweet and lovely!
Darling, without you my world is dull
I never would have known what would happen if that day i choose a different answer...
but i'm glad
i choose you.
because you became my world, my thoughts and my life
thank you mou mou.
You're the best!
approaching 20th monthsary! ( 24 soon )
we are still lovely like crazy! & stepping into the working world soon.
I'm sure we can overcome all the obstacles together
I love you Sweetheart.

Saturday, March 3, 2012 1:58 AM
Final Year Being 21 Soon..

Been really long since I've left this space empty huh?
Well, final year has been on the run since last year October and darn hell,
It has been a rough ride for everyone; perhaps not for those nerdy ones specifically just us - the rather normal kids who don't do assignment everyday, and study 24/7
but we managed, results have been so far; at least up till now satisfying *amen*
This i really have to Thank the Lord for giving all his mighty strength in fixing my beyond-repair exam scripts, really hope that He will still be doing it for me with my last two *cross fingers*

Then the one we've been anticipating all year long is finally arriving at full strength in two months time. Yes shiver all you want but it is here ><"
Be that the finals.

AH, amazingly afraid, but i know i got to go through.
Being 21 this year i realize there are a lot of things happening in life,
Good or Bad
but you know somehow you just go through the period of time?
During my Final Year Project; i wished so bad that it is all going to end know; but at the same time really afraid of it to end
a) i don't have enough time to complete
b) i'm just afraid about the whole graduating thing
c) You know it is just too fast. and its like you only get to do this shit like once.

Love on the other hand have been doing very well, just that sometimes being 21
when you accidentally see something, heard something, its still hard to to think otherwise
think to the reality and not trust your feelings.
Because after all it is a reality world, when you find out what ifs, its always too late; so why be it that way? Instead I should be prepared on whatever that is going to happen. Or so I hope I did.
Yeah, that was an indeed vague sentence that sometimes I myself cannot understand.

You see, the whole point about turning older is how you get yourself more complicated into actual reality life, then you no longer see how simple life used to be just like you were in childhood. Because those days passed, where your ambitious will no longer be going up to the moon, be a doctor, lawyer a millionaire; you just fight for survival.

In about, or in exact 2 months time; I will be out in that cruel reality. I'm scared; because part of me still wants to hide in mum & dad's nicely built nest. But also knowing the nest will not be there for my entire life.

See, this is LIFE. there are so many things to think about. To worry about.

Sunday, January 1, 2012 2:13 AM

1st January 2012

Haha, its weird having to type 2012 instead of 2011.
=D have to get used to this number! haha
Happy New Year everyone!
I hope this year will be one of my bests years.
Since i'll be turning 21 and graduating!
I will be so proud of myself if i did make it through all of this! Seriously!

My new year resolution all written

1) Happily ever after with Mr Kan
2) First Class Honours for BA in Accounting & Finance
3) Secure a job in Singapore with Mr Kan
4) get myself enrolled for CFA
5) Loss abit of weight ( this resolution has been like since... 2008 or so? ) - oh never did came true!
6) keeping my family safe & sound! & visit my grams more often

Well guess those are my simple wishes/ or so to speak resolution! haha~
GoodNight everyone! have a great celebration!
Friday, December 2, 2011 12:08 AM

Hey guys, its been long since I've typed something here..
Well, actually i'm suppose to be typing on
Word.docx instead.
Need to RE-CORRECT my assignment again. Boo.

Just now running through facebook,
I looked back a thousand memories..
from high school until now..
Some sweet, some bitter..

Yet I still smiled a lot, because no one can take those memories away from me.
it suddenly hit me that i will be turning 21 next year,
finally putting on that squarish hat on my head..
holding a scroll.. right?

It is what everyone have been hoping for since they were young
it is this particular perspective every parent have put onto their children's mind..
Like if you don't wear that robe.. that hat... and have that scroll on your hands
you'll never be rich,
never make it to the real working world kinda thing...

Those were the days..
ringing on my head...
where i remember my parents saying
"you'll never be graduating at this rate you are studying"

& look where am i now?
Year 3 (final year)
going through one of the hardest UK degree..
In accounting & finance... which hardly anyone in high school would have have this in their minds..
me taking acc&fin instead of some science or IT thingy.

Time flies.. so fast..
so fast that at times.. i don't even have time to feel afraid. it is already here.

But you know..
I am glad i made a change in my life..
from last year to this year..
because if i didn't i think i would still be sitting in pain
much more pain than before..
I don't see how someone would value the chance i gave out..
I would still be sitting all alone just like i've never been in a real relationship before..

I'm glad i listened to my own decision instead of what others told me
am glad that my heart knows exactly what it needs
what it wants..
glad my brains told me what was right what was wrong..

Might have wasted a year.. but i glad the change made me value what i have now..
all the changes was for the better..

I really have to admit how much fatter i am now.
and how much more i am acting like myself.. unlike a year ago.. i felt fake, i felt i can't be myself, i felt like i'm acting for people to see...
& lastly the best thing is that i am much more happier in every way you see me.

I always like a guy to be travelling with me, and i found mine.
Happy & Grateful.
Looking more at my ex, will make me value my current even more...

its still amazing how you're like a husband instead of a boyfriend..
how i always scold you... like we've lived for few tenth years..
i really see us like my mum & dad.. haha..
how i can sleep and drool on your sleevesss hahaha and how you say..
urghhh disgusting... i want to changeee shirt :'( feels cold....
You know,
not many couples behave like how we do?

its amazing how our 14 months.. are so much like 14 years..

I Love You. Really Do.

When we are afraid of the future, both of us gave other assurance.. trust me; i never had this in the past... thats why we never made it to the future.. but i am sure me & you both.. will see each other... so much more... i just am sure..

Thursday, November 10, 2011 3:19 AM


Finally Done it! Yeay~
Gah, but i know there is bound to be huge mistakes here and there = =
Shall just wait and see for the comments...

Today is my 13 Monthsary with Mr MouMou

The reason why I gave you the lollipop is to tell you that you are as sweet as one! Always :)
Darling, Throughout this one year and one month we've been thru thick and thin together..
everyday with you is different and special
its really fun especially when we've been together for so long yet we can still read each others mind well; even better nowadays!
Say same things at the very same time and give each other the annoyed face and say "why you copy me" haha!
I never regretted any single bit
with you its like i found myself; i can be myself at anytime and anywhere..
like jst woke up face you see everyday...
crazy stuffs we do together..

It is truly a great blessing to be by you..
now & always

I truly Love You.
Tuesday, November 8, 2011 1:43 AM

I do not believe i cannot finish you up.
you are such a fucked up assignment!!
I swear i am going to kill you!!!

okay signs show i am going crazy.
I probably am..
wants to go for a badminton game badly.. shall go tomorrow~
Needs to get a new pair of badminton shoes so i don't hurt my legs again
and i need to buy a new grip...
perhaps more sports attire?

Okay yes.. my brain is aching to shop badly.
Fuck you UWE! -_-

Saturday, October 29, 2011 11:45 PM
little surprise : )


know you always been worried about me, especially the time i spend at home.

I know you love me a lot and i always drag the topic long enough just to keep myself spending more time with you :)

don't worry so much k? Its actually not that serious though, they getting use to it already. slowly become a habit then it will goes naturally..haha cuz i cant wait till next year to became a "real adult" nehhh


I'll always be beside you

covering you with my arms

keep you warm, hugging you

whisper through your ears

and saying i love you


I'll smile when you smile

and feel all the pain you do

and if you cry a single tear

I promise I'll cry too


please hold me tight

don't let it loose

cuz trying to forget someone you love

its like trying to remember someone you never met

i love you baby
trully.. love you <3
Thursday, October 27, 2011 1:36 AM

This is a long anticipated post by my Ox~
First of
Happy Diwali to all my friends out there and Happy Holidays to the rest~

Dear Ox,
I know words i said earlier was a little rough
and hard to listen
I'm sorry
but it is something i need to tell you :')

So sorry to hurt you :'(
Saying it was like a thousand needles pricking thru my heart too baby.
Really, i'm sure we'll survive it, since we've already survived a million things together within a year ~

I Love You~
Monday, October 10, 2011 11:14 PM

1st Year Anniversary

Baby remember this day last year?
You sat on the bed...
shyly you showed me a "CD"
Then you say play it ~~
The time was 10.00am when i played the CD

You took many nights to made a video of the both of us...
in 5 months..
after the video ended..
the day was 10. 10.10
and when you ask me to become your gf
the time was also
10am 10min 10seconds~
I remember it all because it was so special..

I think i didn't answer Yes.. I just kissed you!
Do you rmb our first kiss baby?
Hehe... you forced it on me! bluek !! *advantage taker* people crying you go kiss me.. !
=] hehe that is when i took your first kissy away! *hearts*
but then i kiss you back on your face! hehe your expression is so cute !! After that you just kept smiling smiling all the way back !! So cuteee~
Honey.. that has been a year! So fast huh?

Baby a year with you past so fast that i hardly realize!
I lovie you! Hugs
*runs to talk on the phone with you now*

Thursday, September 29, 2011 1:30 AM

At starting you would still tolerate about the matter
but as time passes by it actually gets annoying especially when it interferes with your daily life...
1st week (1-2 hours of my life wasted waiting)
2nd week (waste another 1-2hours of my life rushing..)

at times its not about me..
I'm worried.
about you.. as blood related he won't spare 5 minutes to pick you?
yet i spare 30 minutes back and another 30 minutes forth?
Don't you get it?
Sometimes is not to condemn but, really?

He is old enough to deal with matters himself... I believe every parent does.
Not only troubles his own kid but other people also, don't you get it?
Even for a day i would have felt very bad..
what more 2 weeks?

Agh, just wipe it all off..
I'm just annoyed. Sorry. Shouldn't have said it.
But really, you did it for one day and you already complained.. and i did it for 2 weeks only i started to complain. Now its going to be 2 weeks PLUS ( equivalent to more than half a month )
I have every damn right to complain!

Sorry, but this kind of things does not happen in my family. Even if it does it takes a maximum of 3days. Or maybe A week when my aussie uncle is home. Please understand its been more than half a month & i have been very tolerant about everything until the damn night you reached home at blardy 12.30.
Fuck this shit okay?

The thing is yours damn it.
Why do u even bother paying otherwise?

I don't get it, i don't get what you're thinking.
If it troubles you why don't you just open your mouth and tell?!!
As a man why are you not standing firm?
I just don't get you.

Sigh, sorry for what i've said.
i'm just annoyed and in frustration.

Monday, September 12, 2011 12:45 AM

Today is mooncake festival!
Happy Mid-Autumn everyone..

My second year celebrating with my sweetheart :)
Still remember that time almost first time see his parents
Now its been a year already..

Time really flies..

If you tell me you'll be leaving tomorrow..
I can tell you i would be feeling lost..
very lost
because i've been spending this whole year with you..
which made you the most important one in my life already..
In this whole year.. the longest period we did not see one another was when i'm in Macau..
that itself was the worst feeling..

I love you alot.. will never leave you.. Promise.. <3

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 11:12 PM

Whee.. Off to Penang for holiday!
Celebrating our
11th Monthsary !!


Saturday, August 27, 2011 1:49 AM

testing with my blackberry :)
Tuesday, August 9, 2011 10:37 PM


Today caught me thinking about this time of last year..
working in the suckiest place ever,
crying almost everyday?

I still remember after exam; i wanted to meet "him" before leaving to genting
but the "him" said could not make it
this tht
tht this
screw it.

Went up the hill.
Next day was saturday
was busy with his stupid fucking competition
until when i called him he did not even bother pick/reply my call or messages until
at night at 8pm

Joe there was being concerned over my feelings i see him "observing" me the whole time we were eating KFC

the "him"
felt something wrong
so he called in the middle of the night?
at 3am? when we were going to yum cha?
"him" didnt bother to apologize over the "i didn't text you and call you for a couple of hours"
it rather says "no big deal, wtf is she anyways?"

3am we discussed joe's "ahem" cough cough***
and we were being TEASED from then on carried till the next day.. when it got pretty bad???
or was that everyone saw a connection between us but ourselves?

The day we go down the hill.
Heavy hearts...
and felt something when we were going down in the bus
where joe "accidentally" (maybe sengaja) hold my hands.... for a moment when i (O.O") gave this look......
and when he use his hands to push my head to his shoulders was another (O.O")

Peak part,
I got sick when I got down the hill

Nobody cared
nobody asked
nobody fucking bothered =]

except this one weird boy, comes ALLL the way from Cheras and say want to visit "us" me and JY it seems?

Working there was a piece of shit,
I wished someone bothered to talk to me
Nobody did
Selfish idiot just said his work was worst.
He jst needs to stfu and grow up.

Cleaning up cockroaches is not as bad as working at your plce where u jst sit and DESIGN stuff?
Awesome never knew that until he told =]

but there was this someone who's always making me smile...
although dealing with those shits...

If you look closely there is so many place breaking down in the whole relationship that was not properly built in the first place...

I'll tell you when it really started to tumble...
If you love a girl would you not bring her to Prom Night?
Yes that was the starting part of it.
If you love a girl unconditionally
would you not give her gifts every monthsary?
Instead of saying " you know i can't buy you stuffs every month? I'll run out of ideas + its expensive "
If you want to marry the girl
Won't you want to wear a ring band with her signifying everlasting love? remembering her always when you look down to the ring?
Instead of saying how expensive rings are... and how annoying a ring is when you play your OH SO FUCKING FAVOURITE SPORT?
oh just to tell you with the ring i played perfectly FINE =)
If you love the girl so much that you think about her ALL the time
Why would you want to leave and play a stupid game in the field?
why would you make her wait like an idiot every weekends in the morning?

there are so many cracks that you've never realize, or even bother to notice.
There are things that i couldn't post in public but it seems like you were just after that very reason being with me.
End of word.
Fuck You.

In 20minutes time it is going to be my new relationships 10th Monthsary
where i enjoy so much
because it is way different from the past.
Loving everybit of days i spend with him even when we are working
it just feels so relax and so lovely
So much difference compared to being with "him"

Happy 10th Monthsary Sweetie Pie..
I'll be waiting for our 1st Anniversary :D

Monday, August 1, 2011 11:03 PM


Darling's Birthday last Friday was a HUGE blast!!
Event A

BlindFold him into Seoul Garden. (Spoiler.... Met Tay)

The Blind Fold :P EQUIPMENT
Continue with surprise
sat him down.. ask him to hold himself there...

Danson Grab his neck
& he almost punched Livy

All of us sang him Happy Birthday Song as he took off his blindfold
Shock and almost speechless seeing 20 ppl ( even his highschool friends surrounding him)
We thought we saw tears but he said otherwise :P

Made him open presents :]

Present a)
Crockie Mou ( his new pet in car )

Present b)
A photoframe with 6 cheeezzzy photos of us :P

Buffet time!! :P

After buffet carry on with celebration...

Passed around party poppers in silence
went to light the cake...
Came out with cake.. as we sang the song and made him wear a Piglet Party Hat :)
As everyone Popped with happiness
& chau yang busy chopsticking the popper's creep paper out of the steamboat place!! Haha

Darling was so super shocked !!!

& His last present
c) A BIG BIG card with all his friend's signature and photo of him....

Thank You EVERYONE for contributing!! You guys are truly THE Friends that i really LOVE!! =]

Me & My Love :)

Our Forever & After :)


Happy 20th Birthday Big Boy~!

Friday, July 29, 2011 6:03 PM

Darling calls my blog D Setawbally Farm (LOL)
Meaning Straw-Berry Farm due to its cute name =.=

So today the 29th July 2011
The Strawwww-berry Farm is wishing Him
Happy Birthday!! You are now 20 & OLD :P

I Love You
Saturday, July 23, 2011 2:14 AM

Sweetness in the air :)

Lately my honey have been so sweet to me after his wrong doings that i think i might be getting diabetes soon :P

We finally ended the HP7 and a half run for over the many years
*clap clap*

waiting to end the twilight :)

Have the sweetest honey always..
nose-mouth (translate to cantonese)

VOLDEMORT!! hahahahaha

Love You. Good Night~
Thursday, July 21, 2011 1:05 AM

many things have been happening lately
my side mostly good news
the other side of it is rather not so good.

rejection for you is hard
then i guess rejection from the one i love most is the hardest?

Sometimes i know you so well,
yet at times i think i don't know you at all..

I'm trying to help
so would you try to listen to me instead of YEAH YEAH I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW
makes me feel like
why am I even talking to this person when he is such a genius that KNOWS everything.
Because you're the one that is suppose to get something out of me not the other way round.
You probably need to read the book i bought recently which says
Listen More and Talk less.

Sorry, but that is the hard truth.

No matter how i try to help you just reject me from every way.
From the day i said i'm going to hospital
right until today
I'm trying to care because i treat you like a family
but i don't know why you treat me like i'm a blardy stranger

Maybe you don't feel it but
fuck, thats how i felt

Today is going to be the last day I'm going to ask/talk/care
from tomorrow on wards
this is not my issue.
I don't want to know
don't tell me
not part of it
don't feel like being part of it.

I don't get it why everytime you face a minor obstacle you can PAUSE your whole life just to SULK about it instead of press the PLAY button trying your best to FIX it.

Just now i want to tell you about her diet plans.
I'll just post you a link and read it. End of story.
There is also a particular milk you can purchase from pharmacy.
I'll tell you the brand name...

ending here, because i've already done my best to help.
be it you take or not is no longer my problem


Sunday, July 17, 2011 1:04 PM

Today caught me thinking how lucky am I to have my man always with me..
Because the other day when i went out alone.. i suddenly felt - fear, like how I used to when I just got my car after high school.
Yes obviously its freedom but somewhat scared to be out alone all by yourself..

Didn't felt the fear anymore during foundation.. but jst recently the fear came back all the way because i'm so used to being accompanied by him always.

So used to depending on my boy all the time, hehe..
Just a secret to share..
Yesterday i got lost in a car park!! and the car park was really empty!!!
Thank god i found a guard :P
Actually thursday I went down from the hospital carpark.. it was locked.. more shocking =.=
and when i went down to the carpark my car was all alone dere.. double fear ! D:

But, its okay~ I survived the fear..
No wonder people say don't be alone in car parks; dangerous.. yes because it is NOT guarded and the lights are really not as BRIGHT.. and it is QUIET....

I still remember how safe i felt the other time when the carpark was locked; but I was with MouMou...
Yes; too dependent nowadays :P
Even getting lost; one call to baby and he'll bring me back to where I'm supposed to :P

I guess last time i was really really independent !
I MUST know every way; even when i'm lost I had to figure my way out...
even with "someone" beside me
Not that i always have anyone with me last time haha

Thinking back,
I've given my ex the top priority last time..
I told myself
If he knows his mistake
If he apologizes
and if he would make something (that i could physically touch) even with not much effort
I would accept him all over again
and I waited.
for a week
for another week to past...
and for more weeks...

Unreasonable reasons always comes out from him..

If it is so busy then we shouldn't be together at all...
Then you would have more time to yourself right?

Now to think of him; I am glad he didn't take any action to get me back
So freaking glad actually
Because I've found my happiness and the one I love dearly now..
If I took my ex back i think i would be regretting all the way..
Because i doubt he would change for - forever.

Just a simple reminder for every guys out there
Gf is a commitment ( lifetime )
they are not just "for fun"
and there for the "good times"

9 months and waiting for 1 year.
Darling, i realize how my life is attached to yours and it is so hard to be away from you.
Would miss you every time and every second.. =]

You know in Macau i text my baby for 5~6 times a day..
and intervals i talk to him on MSN
yet when I come back he wasn't so very happy with the lack of attention i gave him throughout 3 days :P
Baby, you should be grateful over the very much attention i gave you from far far away you know?
Because last time i barely had half of these much attention!! :)
and when I complained over the lack of attention i never even get anything in return =)

So sorry to say that I've never regretted breaking up with my ex boyfriend which i deemed he never actually knew what love is at all.
& I doubt he actually loved me before?

Because in love you'll never want to leave one another but for him so to speak, he can never wait to leave me and have his own life.

Hey, I would also like to thank you for everything.
An unforgettable experience in my life
which i never want to go through again
& never want to bring it back anymore
& never want to be reminded.
and which i regret so ever badly that it brings nightmare in my sweet dreams late at night.

Thanks :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011 10:20 PM

Today on the radio i heard,
which job selection will you not pick to date

1st place : lawyer (lol their explanation is hilarious)
2nd place : I think is doctor
3rd place : Wrestler
4th place : Accountant


I am placed on fourth!! Joe also :P
Thats why we are only suited for each other :P
Now u know why mostly same job professions people are a couple more often?
Coz they can Stand each other !! HAHA

So i remembered, when i talked about the partner of my life in the past
i used to always say

1) don't want short
2) don't want jealous de
3) don't want hao lian one
4) don't want too handsome ( coz heart will stray away :P)

Okay, so the guy i'm with now for
9 months already
opposite from what "i don't want"
Yet still loving my baby bull so much :D

*hug hug*